***NEWS*** Heather Kremen, aka. H. Kremen Glass, has just purchased her own studio and gallery in Rotorua, New Zealand. She will be moving there in November. This is her last season of art shows in the USA and any questions and commissions should be directed to her before she moves. 


Heather Kremen

Heather learned how to blow glass in 2007 at Crystal Forge in Omaha, Nebraska. Learning under Ed Fennel, Heather not only learned the basics of blowing glass but was also inspired to look up other glass artists and techniques. Moving to Minnesota for college, Heather studied Art and Foreign Cultures at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.  During this time she began a mentorship under David Royce at Foci, Minnesota’s Center for Glass Art, Minneapolis, and then took a year to study abroad at Tokyo Glass Arts Institute in Tokyo, Japan. Since returning to the USA she has taken classes at the Corning Museum of Glass, New York, at Bullseye Glass, Bay Area and at Foci Glass, Minnesota. In each of these places Heather was able to learn different techniques— blowing, casting, coldworking, engraving, flame working, fusing, neon, rolling up, sand casting and sculpting—which she then perfected and used in her work. Currently, she shows her own work throughout the country.

2017, January: Took murrini and roll up class by Giles Bettison at Corning Museum of Glass, NY.

2017, January: Took cane and murrini class by Claire Kelly at Foci Glass.

2017, January: Took “Introduction to Venetian Glass Blowing Techniques” by William Gudenrath at Corning Museum of Glass, NY.

2016, June: Took "Deconstruction and Reconstruction of the Bubble" by Marc Petrovic, Pittsburg Glass Center, PA

2016, April: Took a hot mold blowing class by James Labold at Foci,  Minnesota Center for Glass Art, MN.

2016, March: Took “Neon 201” class by Bryan Ethier at Foci Glass.

2015, November: Took “Neon 101” class by Bryan Ethier at Foci Glass.

2015, July: Took “Tapestry” class by Richard Parrish at Bullseye Glass, CA

2015, May: Exhibited work in The Arts Center’s Glass art exhibit at Jamestown, ND.

2015, March: Exhibited work in Owatonna Hospital’s “Healing Arts Show” at Owatonna, MN

2015, January: Took “From the Kiln to the Hot Shop (And Back Again)” by Mark Ditzler and Gayla Lee at Corning Museum of Glass, NY.

2015, January: Took glass blowing class taught by Boyd Sugiki and Lisa Zerkowitz at Foci Glass.

2014-2016: Fusing instructor at Potek Glass, MN.

2014, July: Took glass blowing class taught by Michael Boyd at Foci Glass, MN.

2012-2014: Casting instructor at Foci Glass, MN.

2011-2014: Assistant and cold worker at David Royce Glass, MN.

2013, August: Took “Lost Wax Casting” class at Bullseye Glass, CA.

2012: Began company, Green Infiniti, for retail and display of glass art.

2012: Graduated from the University of Minnesota, BA of Art and Global Studies.

2012, January: Took Flame Working Class taught by Emilio Santini at the Corning Museum of Glass, NY.

2011, July: Took Cast and Cut Glass Class taught by František Janák at Foci Glass.

2010: Studied Blown Glass, Pate de Verre, Cast Glass, Cold Working and Edo Style Cut Glass at Tokyo Glass Arts Institute, Tokyo, Japan.

2010: Took bead making classes at Tashou Glass Studio in Otaru, Japan.

2008- 2009: Studied Glass blowing under David Royce at Foci Glass.

2007, July: Began glass blowing under Ed Fennel at Hot Shops, Omaha, NE